Friday, September 28, 2012

How To Fix Yellow Light On Ps3 Errors

When you got the ps3 error you probably already know what was about to happen. No more games. And no more fun. Now with the ps3 error message shooting up there could be a number of different things that caused it. In fact the only thing that is keeping you from enjoying your favorite games is that annoying ps3 error message.
And fixing it is going to be an issue depending which route you take. And one common route you might have thought about to fix the ps3 error message so that you can start playing your ps3 again is to go through Sony obviously you already know that this isn’t going to be cheap.
In fact it is going to cost you over $200 including shipping and handling. Not only that you will have to wait 6 long weeks before you get your Sony ps3 back with all your data erased. Yes everything gets erased when their technician does the troubleshooting.
Sadly when another error pops up again, you might have to go through the same painful situation again.
1. Spending another $200
2. Waiting 6 weeks
3. Getting all your stuff erased
And going through all that again and again is not fun. Well if you don’t want to go through all that headache the best thing you can do today is to discover how to troubleshoot the ps3 error. And it is pretty easy once you get your hands on a guide that will show you how to do it.
In fact with some simple household items and a guide to follow it will be pretty easy for you to fix just about anything on your PlayStation 3.

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