Friday, September 28, 2012

Ps3 Not Reading Discs - Repair Playstation 3

When you have the ps3 not reading discs error things can get to be a headache. Especially when you have a lot of new games that you can’t even play anymore because of the PS3 not reading discs issue. Obviously you want to get back into gaming as soon as possible. Unfortunately the only way you can think about fixing this problem is going through Sony.
You already know at this point fixing the
error is going to cost quite a bit of change not to mention the long waiting period. Because it will run you at least $200 plus shipping and handling just to have Sony fix this annoying issue for you. But you should be aware of the fact that your saved information in your hard drive is going to be wiped out clean. This is what their technical team has to go through when they’re troubleshooting for the root of the problem.
On top of that you can expect to wait six long weeks before you get back your consule. This is quite a long time before you can get back to playing your games don’t you agree? I’m pretty sure you will rather get back into gaming as quickly as today instead of waiting six long weeks right?
Well if you want to take care of this issue without having to wait too long you can get the ps3 not reading discs solution today by discovering how to fix this issue from home. In fact all you really need is a proven step-by-step that’ll show you exactly how to troubleshoot this annoying problem to begin with. And the only tools that you need is are simple household items.
In fact you can get back into gaming today without having to wait six long weeks when you think about it.

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