Friday, September 28, 2012

Ps3 Repair Manual

Would you like to learn how to fix the ylod on PS3 today? I am pretty sure that you are sick and tired of tinkering around trying to get down to the root of the problem of your yellow light of death issue. The longer this issue continues to plague your PS3, the more difficult ti will be to fix it. The last thing you need is a useless PS3, right?

If you are serious about wanting to know how to fix the ylod on PS3 today I am going to show you know. There are some basic troubleshooting steps that you might not have tried yet that can possibly repair your ylod issue.

The first step I would like you to try first is rather simple. What I want you to do is to unplug all the connections that are supposed to be plugged to your PS3. Including the power cable. But make sure your power is turned off first. You should never unplug your PlayStation 3 without turning off the power first.

After your PS3 is turned off and the power is unplugged, go ahead and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. This should give your PS3 enough time to cool down if there are any power heating issues going on.

After the 20 to 30 minutes are up just go ahead and plug in all the connections. Make sure all the connects are tight and secure. If there are any loose connections you are going to have some problems with your PS3.

Go ahead and turn on your PlayStation 3 now. If your are still having the ylod issue going on then I suggest that you send in your console to Sony. But I must warn you that sending in your console to Sony can be very expensive. In fact they will charge you about $150 or so. And this doesn't even include the postage fees which will jack up the total cost even more.

If money is an issue then I highly suggest that you fix the ylod problem yourself. But don't worry though. There are guides available that will show you how to fix the ylod on PS3 easily. All you simply need to do is to follow the step by step instructions provided in the guide to repair your yellow flashing light of death.

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