Friday, September 28, 2012


Want to know how to fix the PS3 yellow light of death? Do you want to how to fix PS3 yellow light of death safely and permanently without damaging your PS3? If you can answer yes to any of those questions then there is a solution that will make it easy to repair your yellow light of death quickly and easily today.

You obviously know that dealing with the yellow light of death issue can be a headache. And unfortunately a ton of play station owners have had to deal with this nagging problem over and over again And most of the time you are already out of warranty by the time you start having play station problems. Kinda ironic how you start having these PlayStation problems as soon as your warranty runs out, huh?

You see a lot of gamers like you have a feeling that Sony knew about this problem all along and they made sure that your warranty will only last so long until they start milking you for your hard earned cash to fix the same issue over and over again. Want to know how Sony gets you for everything you got?

First they make sure that your PS3 runs perfectly until your warranty runs out. Next, they charge you $150 to fix your PS3 because you do not know how to fix the PS3 yellow light of death. When they get your PS3 they make sure your precious data is wiped out of your hard drive before sending it back to you. And in some cases if they can't repair your PS3, they just send you a refurbished PS3 (which is most likely someone else defective system that they didn't want).

And there has been some cases when play stations owners have had to send their damaged PS3 back to Sony on more than one occasion for the same issue. How would you feel if you had to spend $300 just because Sony couldn't fix their darn play station problems the first time around?

I know you are going to be pretty mad, angry and broke because of it. Because of this, some play station owners have come up with their own "free" tips on how to fix PS3 yellow light of death. And unfortunately a lot of frustrated PS3 owners end up following these unprofessional "free" tips and end up PERMANENTLY damaging their expensive PS3 for good.

And by following the "free" advice on how to fix the PS3 yellow light of death online, you will end up damaging your PS3 and be forced to pay a couple hundred bucks just to replaced your broken system. The "free" advice ended up costing you some major dollars, right?

At this point you might feel like you have no other choice but to spend $150 to repair your PS3. But you know what? I have been able to get a hold of the same exact methods that Sony's tech department uses to repair your PS3. But this time...

1. You don't have spend $150 overtime you need a PS3 repair

2. You don't have to follow the DANGEROUS PS3 fix methods that is free for a reason online

3. No more pain and heartache because you don't have a working PS3

Imagine knowing who to fix PS3 yellow light of death issues, saving Over $150 on PS3 repairs and being able to get back into gaming quickly because you don't have to send your PS3 to Sony and wait weeks on end?

If you don't want to damage your PS3 and you don't want to risk permanently damaging your PS3 because you followed those free tips online, don't you think it would be a smart idea to take advantage of the same exact methods` that Sony uses to repair your PS3?

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