Friday, September 28, 2012

Playstation 3 Troubleshooting Disc Issues

When you are hit with the ps3 wont read discs issue  there could a number of different things that could be going on. But obviously for sure you can’t play your favorite games. All the money you spent on the latest ps3 games and cheat guides won’t do you any good when your expensive ps3 wont read discs.
Even though some gamers have tried putting some suggestions online. These have actually done more damage than good. So they went from having a ps3 that wont read discs to being forced to shell out a lot of coin to buy another play station 3. So there goes all the info you had saved in your hard drive.
A safer option you can take when the ps3 will not read discs is to ship your play station 3 out to Sony. But be warned this is a very costly and time consuming way to fix this issue.
It will take 6 long weeks and $200 plus shipping and handling to fix this simple issue. However if you do not want to sit around for nearly too months trying to play your ps3 games again it would be a smart idea to follow a proven guide that shows you exactly how to fix the ps3 won’t read discs issue.
You don’t need to know a lot of technical jargon to take care of the disc read error you have been having with your play station 3. All you simply need is some simple household items in combination with the proven ps3 repair guide and you will be back playing your favorite games today..

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