Friday, September 28, 2012

Repair Playstation 3 Yellow Light - Fix Yellow Light Of Death

Right now millions of ps3 owners have been struggling with the ps3 yellow light for quite some time. In fact this is the ps3 yellow light is a common problem that Sony is already aware of. But unfortunately you still have to pay quite a bit of money just to have this problem taken care of.
And it is not cheap either. You can be looking at over $200 plus shipping and handling just to ship out your defective PlayStation 3 to Sony But the problem with that is that during the troubleshooting process your hard drive is going to be wiped out. So anything you have saved on your ps3 you can kiss it goodbye.
Unless you decide to go a different route. And you can avoid having your hard drive erased when you discover how to perform a ps3 yellow light repair today. And you don’t have to worry about wiping out your hard drive either.
All you need to get started is some simple household tools and a step by step guide to follow that will show you exactly what to do to prevent the ps3 yellow light of death from coming back again. Be aware though that there were some free “fixes” circulating around that ended up causing permanent damage to a lot of ps3 consoles out there.
I am sure you don’t want to end up replacing your expensive ps3 console because you followed some free junk advice out there. If you want to make to permanently repair the ps3 yellow light of death and keep your console safe the smartest thing you can do is to follow a guide that has already been proven to work.

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